Graphic design is all about communication and good design helps inform, engage and influence a viewer. I have a personal leaning toward graphics that blend design and illustration with an informal, handmade kind of feel.

Stir it up.
Resource for Eden communities. This poster folded into a handy little A6 booklet and was designed as a handout to educate people about food waste and what they could do to reduce their own waste and potentially view some produce differently.
The Big Lunch Rebrand
This was a biggie, a full rebrand of a decade long national campaign thats gets neighbours together on a set date in June. We opted for a fun and informal, hand drawn feel with the clients really adverse to anything that felt even remotely corporate. The full package involved a media pack with nearly 2 dozen resources. 

White Gold
White gold is a regeneration initiative based around the industrial decline of the China Clay industry in Cornwall. I was tasked to design a logo for the initiative and the poster for the first event. ​​​​​​​
Eden Water usage Infographics 
This is a story of turning a problem into a resource. The eden project sits at the bottom of a huge crater and should be 50 meters underwater. Through clever engineering this negative is turned into a positive and creates a valuable story about resource management in line with Edens' ethos.  

Waste Infographics
A breakdown of onsite waste management and a lesson in sustainability.
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