I have always loved drawing and making images in a variety of styles and have been fortunate enough to work on some really great projects. Lately, illustrating boards that plan out an animation have become a key feature of my work.
The awakening-illustrated boards
A project exploring themes within symbology and sacred geometry. I am intrigued by these ancient symbols such as 'Hamsa', 'The All Seeing Eye' and 'Metatrons Cube' and wanted to see if I could get them to work together. See animation section for the animated clip.
Veruna HT0-Illustrated boards
A project for School of Motions "Explainer Camp" We had to create every aspect of  an explainer video and these were the boards I illustrated prior to animating.
Some fun!
2020 was a crazy year and sometimes I take my frustrations  out on an illustration.
Corona brain explosion.
The problem with plastic.
Illustrations for an installation at the Eden project about plastic pollution in the mediterranean sea.
Kids T-shirt for the Eden Project shop.
The brief was to create some kids Tees with a bit of a bug theme. This one was inspired by the 'Invisible Worlds' exhibition that was, amongst other things, a celebration of plankton. I have designed hundreds of tee shirts over the years but this one was a favorite for its quirky simplicity.
Popeye was my hero as a kid so I was really excited to illustrate some tee shirt designs for 'Forty Nine Degrees', on the Isles of Scilly. Maybe the marketing worked because spinach is one of my favourite greens.
Helicopter safety cards.
Illustrations for SSL International helicopter safety cards. These were a series of cards for two different aircraft. Both cards involved extensive photographic study and production of pencil roughs to ensure accuracy of instruction before progressing to final output. 

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