I love animation. It's such a  powerful form of communication and few mediums can engage the viewer so immediately as a well designed piece of animation or motion graphics.
My approach to animation is very design led. As an experienced designer, I believe that the principles of  design are essential for good animation and that the message, or the concept should always be king. Smooth moves then become the icing, not the whole cake. 
2021 - Reel. 
All design and illustrations are by me, Pete Ryan.*
*with the exception of seconds 23-25 (pong challenge & squares suck) where artwork was provided by School of Motion. 

Explainer videos
Explainer videos are an essential part of the modern digital marketing toolkit. Why spend hours every days explaining what your business does when you can just send a link to your product or service explainer. 
Veruna HT0

SOM explainer camp final video. Breakdown of entire process coming soon.

The Carbon Cycle
"The Carbon Cycle" explainer. This was created for www.mooc.org, an online learning course in collaboration with 'The Eden Project' and Exeter university to explain the basics of the carbon cycle to students. Artwork was created to reflect the style of a current exhibit and was purposely keep simple due to the length of video and the short turnaround. I also felt that an artistically simple, and well paced explainer would enhance the learning rather than distract from it.
Some fun bits.
I have always doodled characters to express how I'm feeling or if I'm thinking about an idea.
Making those doodles move can really bring those ideas to life.

Some days I just feel like this.

Sometimes, you just don't get what you expect.

Logo lock-ups
As a designer I love the challenge of coming up with some creative branding and logos are always challenging but super fun. Taking those static logos and then giving them that extra dimension of motion really sets them apart.
This was a logo I made for a fancy dress company that sold a lot costumes with a slightly saucy edge. The client really wanted an icon that resembled a mask but I was convinced we could do better. Playing on the 'unlimited' reference within the name, I descovered that there was a sign for the concept of infinity and it happened to look like a mask. When we moved to motion we were able to nod to the clientele with the use of mood and color to create the right feel .
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