Led by Sander Van Dijk, (arguably one of the best 2D animators in the business) the entire course has been designed to push your boundaries and challenge your skillsets from the very first project, and they just get harder as the course goes on! 
Blend 3015

This project was all about taking highly complex artwork and managing difficult transitions where there are lots of elements. Artwork was provided but I added some typography at the begining and some other little touches to make it my own.
Museam MILano

The object of this project was to create a simple but high end animation whose movement was driven by the music and the voice over in very natural way. I found this really difficult as there was no fancy artwork to hide behind with the simple shapes demanding a very tight animation to make it look convincing. 
Focus .io

This project was all about match cuts and following another animators style. Sander animated the first 10 seconds of the following clip and I had to try and make the second half look as good. A fun project and one that has definitely made the match cut my goto transition when time is too tight for a more complex solution.
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