I have worked with the talented people at Oracle design on loads of different projects. Mostly I animate their designs, but sometimes I get to jump in and design some stuff too. 
Oracle design show reel.
The animated GIFs below were part of their new website and I worked with the creative director to come up with concepts that visualised the core services they provide. Namely; Branding, digital media, design for web and print design.
The core concept was to use the Oracle 'O' as a center piece for all clips to retain a high level of brand promotion.

Your idea, developed into a dynamic brand icon.

Oracle design, at the center of all your digital needs.

Responsive web design.

Oracle print design.

Logo lock ups.
Legacy properties.
Legacy properties are a developer of luxury homes. Working with their existing logo, we wanted to create an animated logo that spoke of the attention to architecture and design whilst retaining a clean and modern aesthetic.
For cocktails and a great cup of coffee!
8 group.

Social media adverts
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